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The indoor tables are equipped with a painted chipboard tabletop. The main benefit of this playing surface is the great value for money compared with the rebound quality. That said, this tabletop definitely is not for use outdoors as the material is not designed to cope with bad weather. Rain and, by extension, moisture are its worst enemies (risk of distortion and blistering). The sun s rays are no exception, as they too very quickly damage the surface layer (risk of discolouration). The other major disadvantage of this so-called indoor tabletop is its fragility in the event of repeated impacting and/or friction (impact from a beginner s racket for example). You ve got it, we strongly recommend that you opt for so-called Outdoor tables, even when they are exclusively for indoor use (garage, cellar, etc.). just as high performance for play, Cornilleau s Outdoor tabletops have the advantage that they re weather and shock resistant so they re ultra- durable. That s why we guarantee our Outdoor tables for 10 years (ref. page 5) compared with 3 years for the indoor versions. So don t wait a second longer, whatever your style of Ping, opt for our Outdoor tables. You won t regret it!

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blistered top