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thomas le breton

AERO OFF+ SOFT CARBON Probably the lightest Carbon blade on the market! its two high Tech layers (special blend of carbon and epoxy-resin fibres) will provide the owners of this resolutely offensive blade with unprece- dented sensations of power and precision. A perfect choice for those who want to muscle up their game or just discover the joys of carbon!

AERO ALL A real ┬źfeatherweight┬╗, the AERO All blade is a sure winner for all players looking for maximum control and sensations. Whether you are a good all-around player or more defensive, you will be convinced after just a few rallies. Enjoy a new range of playing pleasures thanks to AERO technology.

AERO OFF Sensations and speed are greater than ever with the AERO Off blade. Topspinners will love the incredible feeling of safety and ease of play it offers. AERO technology will also allow you to immediately enjoy perfect control and great comfort.

AERO ALL+ Rarely has a blade suited so many different playing styles. The AERO All+ blade is unique in offering instantaneous comfort and security while effectively making all offensive strokes. Unrivalled multi-use!

AERO OFF- With the big growth in new generation rubbers, often very fast, it is up to offensive players to choose the right blade to limit their counterattack and service-return fouls. This AERO Off- blade features an extraordinary compromise between speed and security. Topspin enthusiasts will especially appreciate its flexibility as well as its haunting sound delivery.

5-Plywood 70g fl / CP

5-Plywood 75g fl / CP

5-Plywood 75g fl / CP

5-Plywood 75g fl / CP

5-Plywood 75g fl / CP


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