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eco- responsibility, and now eco-design...

At the end of the 1980 s, Cornilleau began developing products that were almost exclusively ultra-durable and made in France . Naturally, the company now offers entirely eco-responsible products. A new phase began in 2017 with the launching of the market s first outdoor «eco-designed» racket, manufactured using recycled textile fibres in collaboration with the Brittany-based company Armor-Lux. The SOFTBAT racket is the concrete result of R&D work carried out over three years by a group of French industrialists (Armor-Lux, Plastigray and Cornilleau). The companies came together for an innovative project, Eco-Charge . The racket s entire production chain is French: mould maker, compounder (material manufacturer), assembler, packaging manufacturer and recycled textile fibres supplier. As we wait for the release of the first 100% eco-designed table, our company is steadfast in our conscious, responsible actions in regards to all our processes (reducing energy consumption, drastic reduction in our use of toxic products, promoting a circular economy, etc.).