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ERGONOMIC BAT A round, ergonomic handle suits both children and adults alike and an educational zone for the right positioning of the hand. ideal for intensive use in schools, youth clubs and holiday centres. Supplied in boxes of 10 or 60.

The perfect combination of technological innovation and design. The Tacteo 30 is sup- plied in boxes of 5 or 80.

DVD Ping for 4-7 yr olds . The training method used sets tiny tots on the road to success and encourages the first rallies. Plunging into the child s imagination (the domain of circuses, wild animals and children s stories), a fun-filled theme colours the exercises and recreational circuits (only available in French).

AT sChOOL The situations highlighted in the DVD correspond with the French education programmes with real progress evident as the child moves from one situation to the next (first to fifth year primary school age), which will enable the child to acquire new skills, whilst encouraging thought and concentration.

AT ThE CLUB The various situations are organised in such a way as to develop both dexterity and motor skills.

AT hOME The child s imagination is stimulated through situations that they will be able to practice on their own, with a group or in a duel. This encourages their dexterity and speed of execution, as well as developing values familiar to sport such as respect and working towards a goal.

The balls come in a variety of sizes and materials. Made from sponge, they make the initial rallies easier thanks to a slower speed but a dynamic bounce. The large balls measuring 55mm in diameter facilitate both touch and spin. Finally, the two-tone balls mean the player can actually see the ball s rotation.

BABY pING KIT DVD, rackets and balls

The two-tone Panda racket means that the different effects can be explored thanks to the quality of the rubber, whilst the thick, shock- absorbing sponge covering promotes improved control. The edges of the blade are softened and naturally the grip has been modified with a shorter (8cm), slimmer handle (2.2cm). It is also more lightweight at just 110g compared with 150g for an adult beginner s racket.



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