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1988, ping-pong heads outdoors In the eighties, it brought an air of freedom across France Families have a real infatuation for outdoor sports and healthy, family fun. However, outdoor ping-pong continues to remain on the sidelines: outdoor tables are simply too expensive. Pierre Cornilleau decides to make them accessible to the general public.

The technical team looks into the matter, revolutionising ping-pong by using a material that had been reserved for the building world: solid laminate. A new range of outdoor tables is launched. From innovation to innovation, the Cornilleau tables are becoming increasingly high performance and hardwearing whatever the climatic conditions. It is a turning point in the history of ping-pong!

from 2000, innovation extends to the tables and beyond! The year 2000 and onwards were a pivotal period for the brand: Pierre Cornilleau took his well-deserved retirement and passed the reins to Michel Zany, who decided it was time to diversify the product range. A range of leisure rackets, like that of Jean- Philippe Gatien, were quickly put on the market. Five years later, Cornilleau, in collaboration with Michelin, became pioneers by developing a range of outdoor

rackets made of polymer and elastomer composite materials. The then Technical Director, St├ęphane Mithieux, is the great craftsman behind this TACTEO project. With this, the company further bolsters its position as a ping-pong specialist by offering an even more comprehensive and innovative range to the general public.