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The history of Cornilleau is primarily a family story. In 1946, Emile Cornilleau, a joiner by trade, left Paris to offer his family a better quality of life. He decided to settle in Oise, northern France, where there was a significant demand for post-war reconstruction. He opened a joinery workshop in an old agricultural building in Bonneuil-les-Eaux: this is where the story began

1946, the story of a joiner from the post-war era

In 1969, the consumer society and the leisure market were booming. Armed with its success, the BHV Paris is expanding its offer and indirectly puts forward a plan to Cornilleau: making ping- pong tables. Fresh ambition, new expertise: the family company embarks on the adventure, making 3 prototype tables. Won over, the BHV Paris orders 300 for Christmas. This news comes in May!

It s a challenge and a half for Emile: the small- scale joinery must evolve into an industry capable of producing large volumes in a short space of time. His son Pierre convinces him to go for it. Emile Cornilleau invests all his savings in special tooling and takes up the challenge. This decision punctuates Cornilleau s history: it is the founding event for the future ping- pong brand.

1969, « we need 300 tables for christmas! »