540 ITTF indoor

A concentrate of innovation for an exceptional table

540 ITTF indoor

  • Close SKILTOP_competition SKILTOP coating, specific to our competition tables, was developed with the utmost care to d tail. It ensures an extremely reliable and regular bounce, as well as optimum adherence to the playing surface for perfect return of play.
  • Close Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The DSI system has 16 locking points. The table is fully locked in playing and storage positions. The highest level of safety on the market !
  • Close Compact technology_competition Cornilleau is the first manufacturer to develop this system for competition tables. The patented COMPACT TECHNOLOGY system undoubtedly represents the best offer on the market in terms of storage, safety and ease of use.
  • Close Class A : High competition, approved for competition.
    Only approved marks by the ITTF marks or French Table Tennis Federation can be used for all events and competitions organized under the auspices of the FFTT.


With a SKILTOP coating, the patented DSI locking system, and the COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system. Concentration, determination and application are the key words for the COMPETITION 540 INDOOR. With a 22-mm panel, this table offers excellent rebound and is ready to receive the spins of the players of your team, whether in club or in institutional games. It's a table certified for competition that lets you play with the experienced players. Approved by the FFTT (French Table Tennis Association) for competition use.

Mobility Mobility Twin wheels with brakes (on each wheel) suitable for delicate floors of sports halls.

Folding Net Folding Net Gain of 30 cm width in closed position.

WHEELCHAIR PLAY WHEELCHAIR PLAY The leg assembly has been designed to al low for the locking of a chair under the table for wheelchair play. ITTF W standard.

STABILITY AND LEVELNESS STABILITY AND LEVELNESS Large feet allows to adjust your table for a perfectly level playing surface.

FIXED POSTS FIXED POSTS ITTF posts fixed permanently to the table will save you time on each installation. The height of the net can be adjusted without affecting tension.

EXTREMELY ROBUST MATERIALS EXTREMELY ROBUST MATERIALS The materials selected for our competition tables are particularly robust (example : sides and feet entirely made.

  • Colors of tops 115 600 Blue
  • Tabletop thickness (mm) 22
  • Frame (mm) 50
  • Leg type Steel
  • Leg dimensions (mm) 60 x 40
  • Adjustable leg pad (mm) Ø 70 mm
  • Adjustable net Tension - Height
  • Locking system DSI
  • Locking points 16 points
  • Standard EN 14468-1
  • Corner protection pads -
  • Tabletop finish Skiltop
  • Compact technology yes
  • Ball storage -
  • Bat storage -
  • Ball storage -
  • Net Fixed
  • Wheel type ball bearing wheels
  • Wheel size (mm) 30 x 150
  • Brakes oui
  • Approval ITTF High Competition
  • Class A
  • Table weight (kg) 97
  • Package weight (kg) 111
  • Guarantee 3 years

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