Baby Ping kit

For 4-7-years

Baby Ping kit


Educational set developed by FFTT for equipment sections Baby Ping. It includes materials and a DVD with exercises to perform. Is suitable for table tennis clubs, schools and individuals.

Full kit Full kit Perfect the training at school, at the club or at home.

DVD DVD «Le Ping pour les 4-7 ans » , The training method used sets up the path to success, which makes initial exchanges easier.

10 bats 10 bats The bat as such the two-tone «Panda» bat, enables the spin of the ball to be discovered thanks to the quality of the rubber.

3 types of balls 3 types of balls The balls come in a variety of shapes and materials. Made of foam or celluloid, they make the initial exchanges easier.

  • Ref 422 051
  • Spin 4
  • Speed 4
  • Control 9
  • Detail 1 DVD - 10 bats - 15 balls
  • Rubber Foam
  • Handle Flared
  • Bicolor celluloid balls 45 mm
  • Red balls celluloid 55 mm
  • Foam balls 60 mm

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