HINOTEC OFF+ CARBON Favoring top spin smashes, counter loops and active blocks, you seek the maximum power in each of your strokes. Very precise and perfectly controllable when taking the counter-initiative, Hinotec OFF+ Carbon blade is a redoubtable weapon at mid- distance,and its stroke will convince the most demanding player !

HINOTEC OFF- Hinotec OFF - blade suits to any game style. Surprisingly dynamic for a blade of this category, it can also satisfy more experienced players, as long as they choose fast coverings, as well as the most polyvalent players seeking responsiveness in his attacks.


A model of tolerance, Hinotec ALL+ blade is reassuring. Whether you are a polyvalent player, or just a beginner, this is for you! Don t get the wrong idea, this blade isn t slow. It provides startling sensations of control and ease of play, without ever letting you down when you need to speed up or strike the killing blow.

HINOTEC OFF 3 words to describe Hinotec OFF : power, sensation and precision. Resolutely o©ensive, this blade is easy to control under all circumstances. Experienced players will appreciate the ability to choose from a range of rhythms. The most polyvalent player can boost their game, as long as they are reasonable when it comes to choosing covering..

5 - Plywood 1-5: Hinoki 2-4: Carbon 3: Kiri 83