ABSOLUM OFF+ Pure power in the pure state.

Devastating power obtained through the use of surface ebony. The central plies are of uniform thickness, heightening the sense of control necessary in blade of this quality.

GLORY OFF impressive output.

A slender blade structure, yet extremely dynamic on impact. The outer Rosewood plies provide precision and vibro-acoustic comfort.

ORIGIN OFF- To be consumed without moderation.

The central structure, made up of three uniform Abachi plies gives this blade impressive stability. This translates as impeccable control in every phase of play.

CONQUEST OFF A sturdy character.

The hard outer Wenge plies make the blade extremely responsive. This incisiveness is perfectly counterbalanced by the clever use of balsa on either side of the triple central birch ply.

7-Plywood External layers : Ebony Weight: 95g Handle shapes: FL/ST/AN/CP

5-Plywood External layers : Rosewood Weight: 85g Handle shapes: FL/ST/AN/CP

9-Plywood External layers : Wenge Weight : 85g Handle shapes: FL/ST/AN/CP

7-Plywood External layers : Walnut Weight: 90g Handle shapes: FL/ST/AN/CP