World Champion Göteborg 93


THE SWEDISH PERFECTION This top of the range series of blades is the result of traditional Swedish expertise, which has taken 2 years of development by our teams. Each of these blades - Pure, Vision, Absolum, Glory, Conquest, Origin and now Crown - thus boasts a very strong personality, which translates as an impressive sensation of stability and precision during play, particularly at full pace. These ultra- high performance blades, developed for the most demanding among you, will give you a truly unique experience!

Within this field, Swedish know-how stands out as an absolute reference thanks

to its great command over the manufacturer in the choice of species of wood, their combination and the gluing assembly. Two main factors were key to my success in 1993: the fine-tuning of an innovative game system based on the speed and precision of my forehand, as well as the very high specifications when selecting my equipment. The Jean-Philippe Gatien Blades Series® is based on my experience and my constant search for efficiency.